Netscaler – Setup LDAPS load balancing

1. First create a user in Directory / Active Directory.
2. Create a global Group to ebcome primary Group for that user, so user don not have access to domain users resources.
3. Create file according to and use winscp yo upload it to /flash/nsconfig/monitors on all nodes in cluster
4. Edit Security rights on file according to this (otherwise monitor shows Down)
Wrong permissions looks like this when you do ldp bind
snapdrive service

4a. If service continues to be Down you can try to renew DC certificate with new key. Ldp error looks like this
Renew DC cert with new key and verify access with ldp.exe
4b. Create a Monitor object (under Load Balancing/Monitors) of type LDAP with these parameters
5. Create a server object (under Load Balancing/ Servers) for each Domain Controller
6. Create a Service Group containing all the server objects using port 636
7. Bind monitor object to Service Group on Monitors tab. Close dialog and open it Again. On Members tab select a node and click on ‘Monitors Details’. You can see if probe Works or not.
bind monitor
8. Bind serice Group to a LBV_server etc…
9. Test LBV_server with ldp