NetApp Snapdrive start or install error 1920

Snapdrive service could not start or when you try to install snapdrive it fails with error 1920 – cannot start SWsvc.exe ( web service). In the Application log you can see this event
snapdrive error 1920
and /or these
snapdrive error 1920_a

Another symptom is that service ‘Net.Tcp Port Sharing Service’ is unable to start (when you install .net 4.5 there will be a Net listener service’ as well)

I ran Process Monitor during the install and I could see that snapdrive 6.4.1 was trying to communicate with .net 3.5.1

Someone updated the server and .net and installed .net 4.5 which disables the .net 3.5.1 services. I tried removing .Net 4.5 but that did not do it. Finally I decided to remove .net 3.5.1 feature on my 2008 R2 SQL cluster node and reboot and reinstall .net 3.5.1 feature and on a fresh .net 3.5.1 install I could install and start snapdrive

.net service

snapdrive service